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A Layman’s Guide to the Destroy Public Education Movement

September 10, 2018

In his post titled “A Laymans Guide to Destroying Public Education” Blogger Tom Ultican does an excellent job of putting together a comprehensive analysis of the “DPE Movement”. The expansion of UIPUI professor Jim Scheurichthe’s “Indiana team’s DPE model” with links and his description of the “Five Disparate Groups… United in Destroying Public Education” are well researched, clear, and spot on.


The destroy public education (DPE) movement is the fruit of a relatively small group of billionaires. The movement is financed by several large non-profit organizations. Nearly all of the money spent is free of taxation. Without this spending, there would be no wide-spread public school privatization.

It is generally recognized that the big three foundations driving DPE activities are The Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation (Assets in 2016 = $41 billion), The Walton Family Foundation (Assets in 2016 = $3.8 billion), and The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation (Assets in 2016 = $1.8 billion).

Yesterday, the Network for Public Education published “Hijacked by Billionaires: How the Super Rich Buy Elections to Undermine Public Schools.” This interactive report lists the top ten billionaires spending to drive their DPE agenda with links to case studies for their spending.

Top 10 Billioaires

These Images Come from the New NPE Report


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