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As Florence Bears Down on the Carolinas, Privatizers Rub Their Hands in Delight!

Diane Ravitch wrote a post yesterday flagging David Sirota’s recent article in the Guardian that emphasized the complicity of neo-lliberals in the election of Donald Trump. The comment section included this gem from Retiredbutmissthekids:

Oh, & correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the Carolinas in the path of the new Category 4 hurricane?

Perhaps Betsy DeLoss can have her own Arne/Katrina moment: “Florence was the best thing to ever have happened to North/South Carolina!”

I felt a chill when I read this comment, because it is VERY clear that given the opportunity the North Carolina legislature would LOVE to use any federal funds they receive to replace whatever public schools are destroyed when the storm surge hits their state. I could envision them not only doing what Louisiana did relative to a wholesale replacement of one school system with charter schools but replacing multiple county school systems with a single State agency to facilitate the “efficient allocation of Federal funds”. Worse, they could use this as an excuse to replace the free bridges that link the Outer Banks with the mainland with “public-private partnership” highways that rely on fees to pay off bonds and keep the roads well maintained.

Elected officials often see every crisis as an opportunity… Hurricane Florence may the opportunity of a lifetime for privatizers.


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