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Waiting to Enforce Complete Criminal Background Checks for Preschool Teachers: What Could Go Wrong???

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Here is a near verbatim excerpt from yesterday’s Politico News Feed:

The Trump administration announced Wednesday it will delay portions of an Obama-era rulethat required Head Start centers to complete background checks with fingerprints for their employees by Sept. 30, Pro’s Mel Leonor reports.

— HHS — which operates Head Start — announced the delay in a notice published in the Federal Register, which says programs will now have until September 2019 to comply. HHS officials said they are concerned that programs won’t be able to meet the background check requirements in time, “without assuming unintended regulatory and administrative burden.

— Before hiring an employee, the rule requires Head Start centers to conduct a sex offender registry check and obtain criminal background checks with fingerprints from a state agency or the FBI.Once those benchmarks are cleared, the rule gives centers 90 days to complete the outstanding criminal background check and run the employee’s name through the child abuse and neglect registry in their state, if one exists.

— The National Head Start Association, which represents Head Start centers, said programs will continue to adhere to current background check requirements until they are able to come into compliance with the new standards. The current standards, which are less stringent, don’t specifically call for criminal background checks that include fingerprints.

Shame on the National Head Start Association for being on the wrong side of this issue… and I hope that none of the employees hired in the coming year turn out to be listed on the FBI’s listing, the child abuse and neglect registry, or the sex offenders listing. But if they are, I expect the National Head Start Association to testify on their behalf.

“Selling” Saint Louis Public Schools Exemplifies All That is Wrong Foundations

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I just scanned Chris King’s article from the St. Louis American titled “Selling Sint Louis Public Schools” that has a subheading that reads:

SLPS Foundation helps district identify needs –

then pay to address them

In a democracy the elected school board identifies the needs of the school district and the taxpayers fund them. In a plutocracy donors identify what they see as the needs and fund them. You don’t need to read the article to see how St. Louis schools are governed.

Massachusetts: The Waltons Won’t Take “No” for An Answer

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This post illustrates the tenacity of the major privatizers whose belief in the marketplace is as unshakeable as any fundamentalists faith in religions. But unregulated markets undercut the well-being of our citizens and democracy. As the commenter “Retired Teacher” writes: “Privatization is both a theft of a public asset and democracy.

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