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Sorry, North Carolina: Foundations are NOT the Answer to Underfunding… Taxes Are!

October 5, 2018

I read with dismay that NC school districts are looking to foundations to provide services to local school districts. According to an article by correspondent Bill McCarthy in yesterday’s Herald Sun, the Durham NC school district is launching a foundation to help support the public schools. The article opens with this:

The state isn’t providing enough money for schools, so some business and community leaders say it’s time for the community to pitch in.

They have started a foundation to raise money to support the public schools. The new Durham Public Schools Foundation lets residents make tax-deductible donations to the school system.

Foundation leaders say the money could help schools pay for expenses the state doesn’t cover, such as student field trips or professional development for teachers.

The foundation puts Durham in line with other urban districts in the state that have set up similar nonprofits,including Wake, Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Greensboro.

I applaud the support for public schools shown by donors to the Durham Public Schools Foundation, but wonder what property poor and less affluent school districts are going to do to provide their students with field trips or their teachers will professional development opportunities. Readers of this blog know the answer: NOTHING! Just as you can’t get blood from a turnip, you can’t get money from folks in your school district if they don’t have any. If NC ever hopes to have a level playing field for the children who live in their state they will need to increase taxes on everyone so that children living in poverty can have go on enriching field trips and be taught by well trained teachers.

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