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This Just In from the Trump Administration: Their Deregulation is Hurting Our Country

November 23, 2018

Today our local paper, the Valley News, ran an article from the Los Angeles Times by Noam Levey and Evan Halper  titled “Administration Analysis: Regulations Hurt”. I fully expected the article to be a summary of all the ways federal regulations hurt free enterprise, and so I was pleasantly surprised to read how department after department within the Trump administration has enumerated all the ways deregulation hurts the average citizen. Among the list was the ways the Department of Education’s changes have hurt borrowers, information that was divulged only after pressure was applied by citizens:

…Under Trump, several major policy initiatives have been undertaken without a full accounting of their potential effects, particularly on vulnerable populations.

The Department of Education, for example, did not report how many student borrowers would be affected by a proposed rule issued earlier this year making it more difficult for students who have been defrauded by colleges or universities to get debt relief. Nor did the agency report how much more debt these students could face.

Only when borrowers sued did the agency acknowledge in court filings that scaling back the federal govern-m ent’s debt relief program had left students with $56.9 million in additional debt.

But no one has been more directly affected than immigrants, whose access to government services has been eliminated completely. The result?

The administration conceded that the proposed rule could lead to “increased rates of poverty and housing instability; and reduced productivity and educational attainment.”

The regulation is nonetheless expected to be finalized early next year.

And so the conscience of our country withers a little bit more.

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