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Privatization of Security + Tracking Technology Make Total Control by Oligarchs POSSIBLE… Only Democracy Makes it IMPLAUSIBLE

January 5, 2019

JSTOR offers a weekly posting of stories written by historians, thought provoking stories like Eric Schewe’s “The World’s New Private Security Forces: The global private market for security has brought with it the need for hiring, measuring, and monitoring security workers in unprecedented ways.

In the article Mr. Schewe describes how the privatization of police forces has enabled billionaire plutocrats to effectively own and control the law enforcement arms of the government. His article puts this trend into historical perspective, but in doing so he fails to acknowledge that the combination of the concentration of wealth and the availability of new forms of technology now make it possible to create de facto totalitarian states where every move of every individual can be monitored making it possible for those in charge to control the entire population.

When the possibility of total control exists, the current trend of hardening public schools is even more troubling. As noted in many previous posts, schools now “routinely” have scanners at their limited access doorway, require photo IDs of anyone in the school, post armed guards on duty throughout the day, have surveillance cameras in every nook and cranny of the school, and require regular drills designed to train students to hide from “active shooters” who are deemed likely to invade their public space despite the fortress-like environment.

In effect, the new hidden curriculum in public education is one that “trains” future citizens to carry IDs ad be prepared to show them to police, to live in a world with 24/7 surveillance, and to be suspicious of anyone who does not conform to the rules imposed by the leaders of their environment.

Mr. Schewe implicitly suggests that the privatization he describes in the article is limited to African and Asian nations… but he is overlooking not only the security arrangements in public schools that are training future citizens but also overlooks the reality that our wars are increasingly being fought by private constructs and  not the “volunteer army” envisioned by our Founders and those who ended the draft in response to the protests against the Viet Nam War.

The combination of privatization of security and the advent of new technologies make the possibility of total control real. It is up to the citizens of democratic countries to make certain that total control remain implausible.

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