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NY Regents Latest Gambit to Stem Opt-Outs Will Backfire

January 15, 2019

Diane Ravitch reported yesterday that the Regents are considering publishing the test results in towns where most students opt out of the testing. Their thinking is that the low scores that result in these districts where lots of students opt out will result in shaming them. Here’s the comment I left on this idea:

This just in: standardized tests prove nothing about the quality of schools and everything about the demographics of the communities. I doubt that realtors will be steering prospective homeowners away from those high-performing opt-out districts…. And they won’t be steering them toward “high-performing” districts that trade high scores for anemic elective offerings…

This gambit will backfire because it will underscore the preposterousness of using test results to “prove” that school quality is linked to test results.

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