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The Shocking Tale of Two Generations

May 9, 2019

Frances Moore Lappe writes:

We humans are creatures of the mind. We create our world according to what we believe is both right and possible, and our ideas, absorbed via story, create filters through which we see. So “believing is seeing,” not the other way around. Both Plato and the Hopi Indians are credited with noting, “those who tell the story rule the world”; and in these two periods, different storytellers told very different stories.

The two prevalent themes we heard beginning in the 1970s were “Government is the problem” and “Public Schools are Failing”…  When the two messages were merged in the early 2000s by calling PUBLIC schools GOVERNMENT schools and states were compelled to measure “school performance” using norm referenced tests— tests that by design identify half of the students as “failing” (i.e. below average)— it’s no surprise that the stories about failing government schools gained traction.

The way out of this death spiral is a orchestrated mind shift, one that will require the sweeping breadth of the Powell memo written in 1971 and one that will require a unity of purpose that matches that of the business community’s that followed the Powell memorandum.

Source: The Shocking Tale of Two Generations

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