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Beware Billionaires Bearing Gifts

May 27, 2019

This Common Dreams article by Leo Gerard captures the essence of everything that is wrong with giving billionaire plutocrats free reign on how they spend their money… Here’s the concluding paragraph:

For Americans to achieve real freedom and self-governance, some of the billions that flow into the pockets of the already rich must go instead into the paychecks of the workers whose sweat creates profits. Political bribes, like the $500,000 the Kochs gave Ryan, must be outlawed. And the rich must be properly taxed so that the nation can afford to pave its roads, send its youngsters to affordable, properly government-supported technical schools and colleges, and restore its once-great middle class. American workers want autonomy, not charity, to help every person rise.

Source: Beware Billionaires Bearing Gifts

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