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Facial Recognition Invading Public Schools

July 5, 2019

I wrote about this over a year ago when it was first proposed… and I stand by my analysis of how this relates to the second amendment and how it impacts politicians from the school board upward:

But creating this “safe” environment is presumably worth it because when they are old enough, these same schoolchildren will be able to acquire any weapons they wish to purchase— that is, unless they “pose a threat”.

And here’s the conundrum: if a school superintendent, school board member, or state politician argued AGAINST “safety measures” like any of the above they would be out of a job or out of office because of their failure to “do something” to stop the violence. As I think most readers believe, the “something” that is needed is to provide more “soft services” in schools: more classroom teachers; more social workers; more counselors… but if one seeks these kinds of initiatives in response to gun violence one is deemed to be soft in the head…

Source: Facial Recognition Invading Public Schools

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