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President Trump’s War on the Poor… and the GOP’s Support for it

December 12, 2019

Jesse Jackson underscores the flaw of using employment levels as a metric with this paragraph:

Trump, of course, brags on his economy and the low unemployment. He argues—without evidence—that his tax cut is trickling down to workers. What he doesn’t realize is that this economy continues to generate jobs that won’t support a family. That’s why so-called poverty programs—from CHIP to food stamps to public housing to low income heating assistance to Medicaid—are so necessary. They give vital support to low-wage workers who do some of the hardest, most taxing jobs in our country.

So Mr. Trump points at low unemployment as “proof” that the economy is strong and our citizens are well off and at the same time creates a crisis in revenue by cutting taxes on the rich… a crises that is solved by cutting the spending for the social programs that enable upward mobility. Here’s Jesse Jackson’s take on these cuts:

Cuts in student aid, cuts in Pell grants, cuts in food stamps, cuts in the poverty level—Trump is putting low wage workers and their families in a box with no way out except down. Our country is paying a very high price for this meanness.

But it isn’t the POTUS’ meanness that is building this box with no easy escape: it’s the GOP itself!

Source: President Trump’s War on the Poor

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