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GPA Better Predictor of Student Success Than SAT

December 22, 2019

As this LA Times article (apple.news/AHDah8h–RcinYNUW-aiL_w) illustrates, grades are a better predictor of college success than SAT scores, especially grades of students attending less affluent schools. If students demonstrate their perseverance and commitment by obtaining high grades in high school they should be given the opportunity to pursue higher education in a public college or university. Note that I support this “right to fail” in college only to those who apply themselves in high school, for doing so would provide high school teachers and administrators with an incentive to encourage parents and students to apply themselves with the knowledge that if they did so they would be duly rewarded. As it stands now (or at least stood back in the day when I was a high school administrator) too many students had no confidence that they would get into college if they worked hard and, consequently, many of them gave up far too easily.

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