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NY Post Editorial Decries Relativism, Promotes Relgion

January 27, 2020


This NY Post op ed article describes the “secret sauce” of Catholic schools… and it isn’t anything that can be replicated in public schools. The author, an administrator who oversees Catholic schools in the Bronx, suggests that the sectarian values enforced in their schools makes them superior to public schools whose values are relativistic. The article supports this assertion by comparing the incarceration rates of its graduates to those of public schools without acknowledging that their admission criteria might skew that data giving a casual reader the sense that relativistic values are inexorably linked to incarceration rates.

The article seems to imply that public funds should be used to support schools that base their curriculum on sectarian values, assuming that all sectarian values are (ahem) as liberal and open as Catholicism. I’ll leave debates on the openness of Catholicism to religious bloggers… but would ask those seeking funding for sectarian schools if Madrasses should be funded and, if not, what the basis for the denial of funding should be?

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