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‘Coronavirus Capitalism’ Is Coming for Public Schools

April 30, 2020 Comments off

Seattle public schools look like they are in danger of becoming privatized… the Katrina template is in play!

Source: ‘Coronavirus Capitalism’ Is Coming for Public Schools

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A Revenue Hole that Leads to Long Term Financial Cliff for Public Schools

April 30, 2020 Comments off

This article contrasting a wealthy NY county with a solid balance sheet with a poor LI county that operates a deficit illustrates the reality that unless the Federal government provides a massive injection of funding to offset lost revenues the impact will be devastating. The article makes no mention of another reality: state revenues for schools— affluent AND especially poor— are about to fall off a fiscal cliff, a cliff that would last for years if the “solution” of giving state governments a long term loan. It took nearly a decade for schools to recover from the “Great Recession”. Without a huge bailout for state governments it will take even longer to get a reasonable revenue stream for schools.

Partial Openings in Fall an Opportunity to Reset Paradigm

April 28, 2020 Comments off

As this Washington Post article notes, there is no one who believes that schools will fully open in the fall. Parents and teachers are both concerned with exposing themselves or students to the Coronavirus and there are few if any political leaders who foresee that sufficient tests will be available to ensure the safety of the students and teachers.

The article does a good job of offering a wide range of solutions, but in my opinion they al gal short for one major reason: they assume that the current paradigm for schooling will remain in place. The current paradigm, the factory schools with students batched in age cohorts, is a mental model that CAN be changed and an upheaval like a pandemic is a unique and perhaps singular opportunity to do so. I hope that this opportunity is not squandered in the name of expediency. Future posts will offer some alternatives for opening up the schools that are based on changing the dominant paradigm.