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In NYC, Lack of WiFi + Lack of Devices + Lack of Motivation = Everyone Passing

April 12, 2020


The right wing New York Post insists that the NYC schools are watering down the standards by passing everyone this year, They are making this assertion in an article that describes how 70,000 students are awaiting the delivery of the kinds of devices they need to do the necessary school work and acknowledging that thousands of students do not have access to the WiFi needed. The Post article also describes how teachers are often unable to reach the parents of their students or the students themselves. The article also describes how students are “hanging out on the street” instead of doing the work required to get a promotion.

The facts are irrefutable: thousands of students could not do the work if they wanted to. Yet the NYPost editors seem to think that they should not be promoted because… well… presumably they were lazy or incapable. As article after article points out, the Coronavirus is bringing to light the inherent inequities in our existing economic system… and shining an especially bright light on the technological disparities that exist. For the NYPost to urge the NYC schools to hold the children without access to the tools to complete their assignments accountable for “failing” is incomprehensible. But if they were to do otherwise they would have to admit that the game is rigged and that their entire editorial perspective is wrong.

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