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The Unregulated World of Online Charter Schools

April 13, 2020

An ongoing scandal in Oklahoma reveals why we should be wary of outsourcing education to the private sector.

In this article, John Thompson reveals how complex operating structures developed by profiteers made it extremely difficult for understaffed State Departments to determine how taxpayer dollars were spent and whether deregulated online schools were doing anything to provide services to homeschool parents. The basic outline of the scheme was that Epic Schools offered homeschooling parents $800 to $1000 to provide education for their children. The Epic Schools operation then received credit for “educating” these students from the state of Oklahoma, 10% of which went to pay for the administrative overhead. Over the course of several years, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation calculates that over $50,000,000 went into the coffers of this “Learning Fund”.

Long story short: a shrewd business man can devise a scheme for moving public money into a private fund that is protected from public scrutiny in the name of profits… and the losers in this are the children in the State who do not get the benefit of a good education.

Source: The Unregulated World of Online Charter Schools

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