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Dominant Paradigm Dictating Thinking About Schooling in California

April 15, 2020


ABC News reported on CA Governor Newsom’s thinking about the reopening of schools in his State and it appears that he is intent on retaining the dominant paradigm. Instead of examining ways he might use the technology now available to flip instruction so that a lot of hierarchical coursework is provided on line asynchronously and using school buildings to serve as learning and social service hubs he is intending to retain the existing model from the 1920s. By beginning with the assumption that schools must be organized as they are now, with students assigned to age based cohorts in large physical spaces he is contemplating split shifts or staggered school days and the constant “deep cleaning” of schools. As readers of this blog know well, I am not timid about advocating for more spending on public schools… but in this case spending more to sustain an existing model makes no sense. This is a once in a century chance to rethink the way we provide schooling for our children. Let’s not blow it.

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