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Axious’ Gloomy Outlook for 2020-21 College Entrants

April 23, 2020


Axios writers are typically blunt and non- judgmental, which makes them ideal for bloggers. The article above explains how the combination of uncertainty over what colleges and universities can offer in the fall and the uncertainty over whether students will be able to afford college at all makes one thing VERY certain: the number of students entering as freshman is going to decline. In the long run this is going to reduce revenues drastically and that, combined with the likelihood of cuts in state revenue will spell doom for many colleges and universities who are struggling to survive. And here’s the worst part of the story:

The bottom line: The likeliest scenario for America’s students is another semester of Zoom lectures and seminars — meaning they’ll miss out on athletics, arts, Greek life, extracurriculars and everything else that defines the college experience.

If that does come to pass more and more students are going to think twice about spending tens of thousands of dollars to get an on campus experience… and college as earlier generations experienced it will no longer exist.

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