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Coronavirus COULD Thaw Frozen Mental Formations

May 12, 2020


This Forbes article by Tine Thygesan suggests that the Coronavirus could be thawing our frozen conceptions of the economy and of nature. The writer suggests that the extended period of time we are spending “doing with less” is making us realize that there is more to like than the accumulation of things, especially when coupled with the realization that such accumulation results in the destruction of nature. He also contends that people across the world are realizing that the notion that growth is a necessity for Capitalism to succeed is a mental model that can be changed.

While the article makes no mention of public schools, it is evident that the same kind of thawing of the mental formation of school-as-a-widget-sorting-assembly-line could be taking place. If the pandemic gets us to change our way of thinking about the mental models we are clinging to unconsciously it will be worth it to our children and grandchildren. We have enough and we are all good enough… those two messages should underpin our thinking if we ever hope to achieve peace and justice.

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