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POTUS’ Passed the Buck to States and Soon States Will Pass it to School Boards

May 15, 2020


For weeks I have been deeply concerned about how the decision to open schools will be made and who will enforce those decisions. This Daily Beast article offers a scary insight into the answer to the first question: it looks like State legislators will have the ultimate say and that they intend to impose their decisions on local governments– which means that local school boards will ultimately be placed in the uncomfortable and potentially untenable position of having to decide for themselves. When our national leaders in the GOP conflate science with politics and somehow think they can negate the advice of epidemiologists on the way a disease spreads by voting against their advice or disallowing their advice to be used to establish guidelines, our entire population is put at risk. And By failing to impose NATIONAL standards and passing the responsibilities on to states the federal government is effectively setting an example for states to pass THEIR responsibilities on to local governments who, in turn, will likely pass THEIR decisions on to each local agency. This is what a lack of leadership looks like.

And here’s the REALLY tough question for schools: will parents who fear for the lives of their children based on the advice of their doctors be treated as truants? Will they be required to provide home schooling for their children? Will local school districts be required to enforce the laws of the states? Turbulent times lie ahead!

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