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Billionaires Are the Biggest Threat to Public Schools

May 17, 2020

Billionaires ARE clearly a threat to public schools and with Betsy DeVos heading USDOE the situation is very dire. And here’s what I find especially concerning: we seem to be living in a world where an entire political party and the voters who support them seem to be willing to trade human lives for “the good of the economy”… an economy that required those voters to work long and unpredictable hours for low wages. If folks are unwilling to don face masks to protect others why would any union leader believe that those same folks would be willing to pay taxes to retain full-time teachers to provide a second-rate online education? Clearly, voters would NOT be willing to do so and the political leaders in our country appear willing to cede to the voters on this issue by introducing online programs that parents will be able to shop for the same way they shop for a car or a washing machine. That’s where Betsy DeVos and Arne Duncan were headed… and with that kind of bi-partisan support the unions are unlikely to sway public sentiment in their direction unless they can offer a sound alternative at a comparable cost. With the parents who usually support schools in tenuous financial circumstances combine with taxpayers who reflexively vote “No” on any issues involving school funding public school leaders and union leaders will be hard pressed to secure the funds they need to operate schools in a pre-pandemic fashion. Time to change gears….

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