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Teachers Union Says ‘Flimsy’ CDC Flowchart on School Reopenings Shows Trump Disregard for Student Safety

The CDC just offered a one-page flow chart that presumably offers guidance on how and when public schools can open. the flowchart is one more example of the utter and complete lack of leadership at the federal level on a national problem… one that requires a unified and uniform approach. Instead of providing states and local governments insights based on science, the CDC offers three checkpoints:

  • Will the reopening be consistent with state and local orders?
  • Is the school ready to protect children and employees at higher risk for severe illness?
  • Are you able to screen students and employees upon arrival for symptoms and history of exposure?

If the answer to any of these is “NO” then schools should remain closed. In reading this flowchart, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • The federal government will NOT be issuing any national directives on this, instead leaving it to states and— if the states so desire— local entities to set their own orders.
  • Since the school is the unit of measure, it will be each Principal’s responsibility to determine their “readiness” to “protect children and employees” who are “at higher risk”.
  • There is no specific mandate to “screen students and employees upon arrival“… only the ability to do so. It is not too difficult to imagine a circumstance where a governor declares that all schools are capable of screening but not required to do so unless a Covid-19 case occurs in their school.

Am I reading too much into the slippery wording of this flow chart? Given the POTUS’ distaste for a more detailed set of recommendations from the CDC and his decided disinclination to heed medical and scientific advice I don’t think so. As he has done throughout this crisis, President Trump is passing the tough decisions on to state leaders who, in some cases, are following his lead and passing the decisions down to local leaders. Some issues are rightfully passed along to lower levels of government. Controlling an outbreak is not one of them.

Source: Teachers Union Says ‘Flimsy’ CDC Flowchart on School Reopenings Shows Trump Disregard for Student Safety

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