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Reappropriating Personalization by Defining it Precisely

May 23, 2020


Forbes columnist Peter Greene has a great suggestion for how to achieve personalized instruction: define it with precision. In the linked article above Mr. Greene explains how the term was expropriated by the tech industry who defined it based on the use of individualizing based on algorithms. Mr. Greene has a clearer and better and simple definition: you need to involve a person in order to achieve “personalized” instruction. Of course, as Mr. Greene notes in the closing paragraph, there IS a problem with using this definition:

Covid-19 or not, we’ve always known what’s required for truly personalized education. Instead, we’ve focused on how to keep costs low, how to make schooling “efficient.” Truly personalized education is costly. We should not be fooled by people who attempt to slap that label on a cheap alternative.

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