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A Litany of Failure Resulting from Remote Learning… But More to Come

June 3, 2020


As this Reuter’s article describes with statistical information and personal experiences of parents and students, distance learning has been devastating for public schools. But AASA’s leader Dan Domenech sees that more and more districts are going to continue using it in lieu of face-to-face instruction because of financial and logistical challenges:

Three options are being considered for the fall, he said: fully reopening schools as they were prior to the pandemic; a hybrid model in which some students attend school in-person and some continue with remote learning; and continuing with complete remote learning.

The hybrid option, Domenech said, appears to have the most support. But staying entirely remote, he added, is “beginning to get some traction because the cost of opening schools and following the guidance the CDC has offered is going to be cost prohibitive.” The added costs include more buses to maintain social distancing, protective equipment for students and staff and the daily cleaning of each school.

I am saddened and frustrated that school districts and State boards are not seizing this opportunity to change the existing model and fear that if they don’t a better and less costly model advocated by privatizers will emerge.

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