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Students, Parents, Administrators Question SROs… Unions on the Fence

June 6, 2020


Following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Time Magazine reports that several large districts are following the lead of the Minneapolis Schools and severing their ties with the Police in the deployment of SROs. And, as the headline notes, students are leading the charge across the country on this issue. The article also notes the full support of national administrators’ organizations for breaking off ties with police and the support of many other key organizations. The article noted one exception: neither the NEA or the AFT sought to sever the school districts’ ties with the SROs. Why? The reason given was that the unions in many cases represent the SROs, which ultimately puts them in an awkward position when issues of misconduct by their brethren on the police forces become flashpoints in the news. And with budgets across the country tightening the unions will be even more hard pressed to make choices over whom to protect.

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