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The Culture Wars Continue in WA State Despite Covid 19

June 11, 2020


As described in this Washington State regional newspaper, one of the hot button issues of the culture wars, sex education, will be on the ballot in November. In the pre-pandemic session of the WA state legislature, both chambers passed a very progressive sex ed law that mandated units at various grade spans beginning at K-3. Even though the law was full of parental opt out and local control provisions it was opposed by many religious groups and state education organizations. The group most staunchly opposed to the law was the Catholic Church, who quickly developed a petition to overturn the law, a petition that will be on the ballot in November. I think it is unfortunate that legislators feel compelled to use their political capital on fights like these that should be delegated to either State Boards of Education or local communities. By drawing attention to this kind of hot button issue the legislators divert attention from the more important issues like funding equity, housing, segregation, and gun control … issues that should be universally appealing to moral leaders of all religious stripes and strongly supported by all education groups.

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