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The Other Shoe Just Dropped: President Trump is Seeking Millions for Private Scholarships

July 3, 2020

It didn’t take long for the Supreme Court decision to impact public school funding! As Francesca Chambers of McClatchy News writes,  the POTUS wants to take 10% of the money earmarked for public education from any forthcoming stimulus bill and give it to private schools. To compound matters, he also wants to  allow $5,000,000,000 in tax credits for donations to these “scholarship funds”.

This is completely predictable and absolutely wrong. Now more than ever public schools need money to help make decisions for the future. Instead, huge sums that could make a difference when schools open will be siphoned off. And to put a cherry on the top of this sundae for private schools, any funds allocated to states for this purpose that are NOT spent would go to states where such spending is possible. Here’s a description of how that would work from Ms. Chambers’ article:

Eighteen states already have tax-credit scholarship programs, according to the school choice advocacy group EdChoice, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Kansas. Funds are awarded to students in those states by nonprofit Scholarship Granting Organizations.

Draft legislation that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadowshad ordered drawn up, according to the plan outline, would give every state the option of receiving federal funding for the scholarships if they choose to participate in the “Education Freedom Grant” program the Trump administration is proposing.

The proposal stipulates that states with existing tax-credit scholarship programs must give 50% of the grant funds to scholarship organizations within 30 days of receiving them. States that do not have established programs will have 60 days to distribute the money. States that have not distributed the money by March 30, 2021 will have their funding reallocated to states that do participate in the program.

This kind of program is beloved by the libertarians who see choice as the panacea for every problem and businesses as unselfish and capable of “efficiently” operating the public sector. The only hope is that the Democrats will block this at every turn and make certain that public schools get every dollar they need and deserve to operate effectively.

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