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Are Campuses Another Covid Casualty?

July 4, 2020

Yesterday’s NYTimes featured an article by Anemona Hartocollis describing a “rising revolt” by college professors who are reluctant to return to campus where they would be required to face classrooms full of students who might be asymptomatic carriers of Covid 19. The result of all of this could well be “open” colleges where students watch their professors on cell phones in their dormitories… or students not bothering to go on campus at all and getting their education remotely. I have a sense that college administrators dread the idea of not opening with face-to-face instruction assured for fear of further lawsuits from disenchanted students or the change that if they go remote for more time students will completely lose the “feel” of being on campus and won’t bother to ever return…

Campuses, like Carnegie units, curves for grading, and credits could be Covid casualties….

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