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DeVos’ Message to Schools: We Can’t Give You Help but we CAN Take Away $$$$

July 13, 2020

Newsweek reports that Betsy DeVos has clarified the USDOE’s position on school reopening: you better do it or we will take away your federal funds AND don’t look to us for any help when it comes to developing plans. On Fox News she repeated her claim that the federal government could unilaterally withhold funding from schools who fail to comply with her edict that they reopen and then on CNN had this to say:

On Sunday, DeVos told CNN’s State of the Union that schools must develop their own individual plans on how to handle a COVID-19 outbreak should one occur, rather than rely on any guidance from the education department.

“You know there’s really good examples that have been utilized in the private sector and elsewhere, also with front-line workers and hospitals and all of that data and all of that information and all those examples can be referenced by those school leaders,” DeVos said. “They can figure out what is right for their specific situation.”

So school leaders are supposed to conduct their own research to find those “really good examples” in the private sector and hospitals while at the same time opening up in the same fashion as last year with no new $$$$ for medical screenings or PPE? The USDOE and the White House are both living in a dream world where COVID 19 will miraculously disappear and jobs that vanished will suddenly be restored.

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