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It’s Called NOVEL Coronavirus for a Reason: It’s New and It’s Unknown

July 16, 2020


I was stunned, saddened, and angered to read the latest news out of Florida regarding the latest test results for COVID 19:

State statistics also show the percentage of children testing positive is much higher than the population as a whole. Statewide, about 31% of 54,022 children tested have been positive. The state’s positivity rate for the entire population is about 11%.

And here’s what is even worse: the health officials say that they are uncertain about the long term ramifications are for children who contract the disease and are asymptomatic and there is mounting evidence that COVID 19 has lingering and potentially lifelong impacts. That, combined with a hard headed Governor who insists that schools must open after witnessing the adverse impact of his earlier insistence that his State “reopen” is a toxic mix. Much has been written about the long term psychological impact of missing school, but if one third of the students are potentially carrying a disease that will affect them for a lifetime and could kill adults they come in contact with why on earth would you create a situation where the disease could spread like wildfire?

The article also makes an important point that too many articles overlook: the label for this disease is NOVEL Coronavirus— and the full name underscores the reality that we really don’t know everything about it… so to assume that it will behave like any other virus is foolhardy. Given these unknowns I do not see how any responsible leader could possibly return to the status quo.

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