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Wait! What? Now Online Schools are Bad?

July 18, 2020


For the past three+ years Betsy DeVos and President Trump have championed online learning and worked relentlessly to deregulate both K-12 and post secondary learning to make the expansion of this kind of learning possible. But now that the reopening of schools is a priority, online education has to look like a bad option… and critics of it are noting this ironic turnabout:

“It’s pretty clear that the rhetoric we’re hearing right now is entirely politically motivated because of how inconsistent it is with what the administration has been doing,” said Clare McCann, deputy director for federal higher education policy at New America.

McCann, who also worked at the Obama Education Department, has been critical of the Trump administration’s deregulatory approach to online learning — as have other critics and consumer advocacy groups, who argue that there are too few federal guardrails for quality in the programs.

The takeaway from this is that the POTUS is shamelessly unprincipled when it comes to public schools: he only stands for whatever he believes will make him look good in the eyes of his supporters who, do far, have stayed with him no matter how many times he reverses his thinking. Here’s hoping the lights go on before November.

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