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Left-Leaning Politico Cautions Teachers’ Unions: Don’t Overreach

August 19, 2020


Politico has a message for teachers unions embedded in this article: can restore the public’s support for schools and teachers by keeping the focus on the safety and well-being of students OR you can turn parents against you and the schools you work in by asking for too much. At this juncture both parents and the public have grave misgivings about reopening schools: 66% of parents and 75% of the public worry about the potential for the spread of COVID 19 if schools reopen.

And here’s a reality the Politico article left unstated: Realizing the public sentiment against reopening schools, the POTUS and his hard core supporters are looking for someone or some group to blame… and public sector unions make an ideal target!

The bottom line for unions is to keep safe working conditions for STUDENTS at the forefront.

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