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Clearly Written COVID Rules Warrant Swift and Clear Action

September 6, 2020


99% of the time, due process is more important than swift and decisive punishment, but the violation of the rules regarding mask wearing and social distancing that resulted from the COVID-19 outbreak are among the 1% where disciplinary action is more important than process. Colleges and universities cannot take any chances when it comes to the pandemic. Their own community of learning and the physical community where they are located cannot be subjected to the risk of disease because a small group of students cannot exert the self-control to wear a mask or maintain social distancing… no matter what the race, gender, or socio-economic status of the offender. At this juncture the attendance at a college or university is a privilege and not an entitlement. That means the colleges and universities can create their own universe where students are certain to be free from the risk of getting exposed to COVID-19, a universe where those putting others at risk can be subject to swift and decisive action by administrators. The wearing of masks and the maintaining of social distance has held COVID at bay and dramatically reduced the risk to others. Enforcement of the rules to wear masks and social distance is non-negotiable and meting out swift and severe penalties is imperative if colleges are to keep their in loco parentis pledge.

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