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The Call for National Protocols for COVID Testing Expands

September 11, 2020

After a week where several teachers have died and thousands of students have tested positive for COVID, the call for national COVID testing protocols is getting louder and more persistent. This Common Dreams article by staff writer Kenny Stancil expands on the information offered in the previous post and offers a link to a site that offers daily status updates on tests (at WhereAreTheTests.com) and this concluding sentence taken from a report issued by the Rockefeller Foundation report (pdf) published Wednesday calling for uniform national protocols:

“There is an urgent need for federal action to provide more clarity about testing protocols and testing needs, to provide reliable and predictable funding for screening tests, and on how to use the tests effectively in high-priority settings.”

We cannot expect schools to make rational decision about reopening without objective and meaningful data… and only a well functioning apolitical government agency can provide the information. The shame is that the integrity of those agencies has been undercut and compromised by the POTUS, an action that is more insidious and more dangerous in the long run than his mishandling of the pandemic.

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