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Conservatives Concern Over Authoritarianism is Ironic

Washington Beacon reporter Jack Beyrer’a praise for Mike Pompeo and Betsy DeVos’ pushback against a canned Chinese curriculum that is hardly used anywhere in the United States is ironic given the POTUS’s recent rants against our social studies curriculum. It seems that these two Cabinet members are opposed to the Confucius curriculum because it is narrow and overlooks some of China’s flaws.

Participants in Confucius Classrooms have noted that the programs restrict academic freedom. Program instructors often avoid discussing topics showing Chinese Communist Party in a bad light, such as the regime’s Uighur concentration camps and political abuses against Hong Kong.

At the same time I am certain that these two stand behind President Trump’s efforts to eliminate any curriculum that emphasizes the inherent racism in our country, lionizes our traditional “heroes” without relating their ownership of slaves, and perpetuates the narrative that the GOP wants children (and voters) to believe.

What is particularly chilling is the latent McCarthyism included in this kind of preemptive purge and the implication that Tufts college might be excoriated for using this program. Yet another reason that November 3 is a crucial date in our history.


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