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AOC’s Rejoinder to POTUS’s Taunt is Perfect

October 27, 2020

NYS Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she is known by her supporters, headline writers, and adversaries, showed her political savvy and wit with a rejoinder to taunting by the President. As reported in today’s The Hill, At a recent rally in central PA the POTUS insinuated that AOC never went to college by mockingly asking if she really attended. Here’s is her adept response:

“I could say yes, but who cares?” she tweeted. “Plenty of people without college degrees could run this country better than Trump ever has.”

Ocasio-Cortez said she has hired people without degrees “who have done incredible, effective, & strategic work.”

“The more college costs soar, the more degrees become a measure [of] privilege than competence,” she tweeted. “Our country would be better off if we made public colleges tuition-free & cancelled student loan debt.”

Some politicians would ignore the public taunting and others might post their transcripts on line and dare the President to do the same. But AOC’s response was better. It not only dismissed the POTUS’s bogus charge but also appealed to the majority of voters who didn’t have the privilege of having their parents pay for college and the thousands of students who are saddled with debt. A trifecta!


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