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Bye-Don Means Bye Betsy… and For Millions it COULD Mean Bye-Debt

November 8, 2020

The election of Joe Biden means the end of Betsy DeVos and the end of her failure to implement national policies that protect minorities, women, public education, and, as this Forbes article describes, student debtors.

Future posts (and I am certain MANY future news articles) will describe DeVos’ destruction of the USDOE and the many steps she took to undercut public education. This Forbes article describes the actions Betsy DeVos took to undermine legislation designed to waive the debts of those bilked by profiteering post secondary “schools” whose advertising misled prospective students and saddled them with debt. Worse, she blocked debt forgiveness for thousands of students who worked in the public sector with the understanding that in doing so their debts would be forgiven.

In the weeks ahead as I outline the broken promises, the unenforced regulations, the indefensible cuts to staffing, and the deregulation designed to undermine the purpose of the department Betsy DeVos was supposed to lead keep this in mind: Betsy DeVos’ devastating actions happened in every corner of the Executive Branch! The dissembling of the framework needed to govern will take years and millions to restore.


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