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The Hill Recommends More Money, Less Testing for Public Education

November 14, 2020


Education Funding Must Be a Priority for Biden Administration“, The Hill’s recent op ed piece by David DeMathews and David Knight, took a different perspective than the test-and-punish accountability ethos that has dominated federal policy and funding for the past two decades. Unlike bipartisan legislation that has invariably linked funding to test scores, DeMathews and Knight recommend that money be directed to schools serving children raised in poverty and for social services needed to support all students, especially after coming out of the pandemic. As for testing, it was heartening to read two education professors outside of the Northeast advocating it’s demise:

Researchers have concluded that the nation’s significant investment in high-stakes testing has not narrowed test score gaps between affluent and low-income students despite significant investments from the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. However, teacher job dissatisfaction and turnover have increased during this period. COVID-19 has exacerbated these decade-long problems, as shown by a recent report from the American Institutes for Research, suggesting that the pandemic has contributed to a further decrease in enrollment in educator preparation programs while many teachers are considering early retirement.

I read recently that Joe Biden is looking to Linda Darling-Hammond for advice on help set his public school agenda. With much to undo in the Department of Education he might consider her to replace Betsy DeVos for she would bring some gravitas to the position and would not be tarred the way a union affiliated nominee would be. Whoever Biden selects, I hope they red THIS article and heed its advice and recommendations.

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