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Wait! What? Voucher Schools are Exempt from State Tests?

April 19, 2021

Diane Ravitch’s blog yesterday featured a post describing how voucher schools in Ohio are exempt from taking State mandated examinations. Why? 

Apparently, the voucher schools were embarrassed by the Ohio study showing that kids who use vouchers lose ground academically.

So rather than face the consequences imposed on PUBLIC schools when they “fail” because of low test scores, the voucher schools are allowed to give up testing altogether. And reading further in the post I learned that Ohio is not alone in using this strategy to prop up voucher programs… and it isn’t hard to guess that Florida would be among the states who are (ahem) “flexible” when out comes to assessing the performance of voucher schools:

Many other states that offer vouchers allow those schools not to take the state exams. Some, like Florida, expect no accountability from voucher schools. Others ask those schools to administer an “equivalent” standardized test, which makes it impossible to compare voucher schools to public schools.

Accountability only matters in PUBLIC schools… fiscal and academic performance alike! When will voters catch on? Or, what may be even worse, MAYBE the voters don’t care about accountability as long as their taxes don’t go up and their children attend well funded schools. Vouchers, after all, aren’t needed in affluent schools that everyone wants to get into… it only matters if you are attending an underfunded school in an economically deprived area. 

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