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ASD Holes

June 21, 2021

Gary Rubenstein’s fact-based argument was rejected because it ran contrary to the narrative… and the meta-narrative in this case is that only the private sector and “choice” can solve the problems of “failing” “government” schools… a meta-narrative grounded in wishful thinking and greed…

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

I think the secret to happiness is to unfollow Twitter accounts that make you angry. About a year ago I realized this and I unfollowed most of the ‘reformers’ that I followed. This also meant that I would have less fodder to blog about and my blogging slowed down a lot because of it.

But I didn’t unfollow everyone that might say something that is going to set me off and one of the accounts I continued to follow was Chalkbeat Tennessee. I’ve been keeping track of the fall and fall of the train wreck known as the Tennessee Achievement School District (The ASD) for over ten years already and Chalkbeat Tennessee often writes about them so I haven’t been able to cut ties with that ongoing project, unfortunately.

As a refresher, the Tennessee ASD started with TFAer Kevin Huffman, funded by TFA lover Arne Duncan’s Race To The Top…

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