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Q-Anon Board Candidates Promoting Anti-CRT Movement in Effort to “Save Children”

July 9, 2021

School board elections are often sleepy exercises in democracy that few voters pay attention to… but as this NBC report indicates it might be time for voters who value democracy to wake up and look into the philosophies of board candidates. Based on the information in this article, it seems that Q-Anon has morphed from a fringe group premised on the belief that the government was controlled by the Democrats who were led by Hillary Clinton who, in turn, was part of a cabal of cannabalistic pedophiles into a anti-Democracy party that embraces power for its own sake. Now, instead of taking marching orders from an anonymous blogger they are working under Michael Flynn, the former General who would be all too happy to impose military power over everyone and who understands that controlling local government is an essential first step to controlling ALL government.

And what is a wedge issue that former W-Anon followers can latch onto? If you guessed CRT you’re paying attention.


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