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AZ Governor Ducey Issues a Directive that’s a Doozy

July 17, 2021

As the CNN report below indicates, AZ GOP Governor Doug Ducey has decided that the health and well-being of voters should take a back seat to politics. Despite the advice of his health department, the CDC, and virtually every doctor on the planet, Mr. Ducey is demanding that schools NOT follow recommended quarantine protocols to help control the spread of COVID. Why? Because HE contends these protocols violate state laws governing school attendance. This paragraph illustrates the stance of the school attorneys and the medical establishment:

“Simply stated, a student’s temporary quarantine in conformance with guidance published by the CDC, the Arizona Department of Health and the Pima and Maricopa County Health Departments does not violate either the letter, or sprit of [the state law],” the lawyer for the school districts wrote. “Instead, this practice promotes public health.”

But this is AZ where the GOP seems to think that they can rewrite laws on the fly, ignore medical science, and overturn elections… oh, and while they are at it ignore the reality that climate change is real and is going to make living in the desert a challenge.


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