DeVos Just Put Interests of ‘Predatory Profiteers’ Over Student Loan Borrowers

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It gives me no pleasure to note that I predicted that the bankers would be able to get whatever they wanted once Trump was elected… And it makes me sad to think that the most poverty stricken borrowers will suffer the most dire consequences.

Source: DeVos Just Put Interests of ‘Predatory Profiteers’ Over Student Loan Borrowers

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The Public Should Pay Only For Public Schools, Not Religious Schools

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As Diane Ravitch realizes I am sure, the only reason legislators are giving serious consideration to vouchers is that profiteers who make campaign donations see vouchers as a way to expand their business operations. While there are some politicians whose support for sectarian schools is heartfelt, there are others who see this as an issue of “choice”, and the for-profit school operators LOVE choice!

Source: The Public Should Pay Only For Public Schools, Not Religious Schools

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Which Religious Schools Are Allowed to Participate in the Arizona Voucher Program? Not All

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This exemplifies the kind of corruption that inevitably accompanies privatization. In this case church coffers are by- passed and, arguably, church’s control over their schools could be compromised as a result. It is clear that the longstanding separation of church and state is destroyed as a result. But the profiteers and political donors are happy and that’s all that matters.

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A reader posted a comment yesterday asking why I had a problem with religious schools receiving public funding. Aren’t there good religious schools. I pointed out that most of the religious schools that are funded by vouchers are not very good schools. The very good religious schools don’t have many seats available. The ones that do have seats available and need the money tend to be a certain type of Christian school that teaches creationism and uses textbooks that do not teach modern science, math, or history.

Then another comment arrived, this one from a man who is writing a book about education in Arizona.

I post this quote from a work in progress for the nice lady who wrote about Diane’s piece and asked whether there are good religious schools. Diane used a quote from me in the blog today.

Here are the Organizations already providing “scholarships” on the…

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How the Wealthy Scam the Government by Donating to Tax Credit Schemes

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This is how a billionaire can be rewarded for underwriting sectarian private schools AND for profit charters… all in the name of ” choice”. And some legislators pass this off as a civil rights issue because we all know choice helps poor children get a leg up in their schooling!

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Carl Davis writes in “The American Prospect” that tax credits for private scholarships have become a scheme for money-laundering to benefit the wealthy.

“Some states, in their zeal to subsidize private schools, have created an egregious tax scam that allows wealthy taxpayers to profit by donating to private school scholarship funds in return for lucrative tax credits.

“Many states have constitutional provisions that expressly prohibit the use of public dollars for private religious schools. To sidestep these prohibitions and public aversion to the practice, voucher proponents and their legislative allies in 17 states have created generous tax credits to encourage taxpayers to donate to private school scholarship funds.

“Critics who object that vouchers drain resources away from public schools would be doubly outraged if they knew how these vouchers were, in some cases, fleecing the public till.

“Neovouchers,” as these scholarship funds are often called, have received considerable attention as…

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Kansas: Student Journalists Investigate New Principal with Dubious Diplomas, She Resigns

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This is good news… but also bad news since it illustrates how understaffed newspapers are. A free press depends on robust staffing.

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The students are our future. And the students give me hope.

When I hear “reformers” like DeVos and Gates and Klein and Rhee claim that our schools are “failure factories,” that they are “obsolete,” that they are a “deadend,” and that our students are woefully undereducated, I will think of the students at this typical high school in Kansas. They unmasked a fraud. They engaged in critical thinking. No one paid them to do it. They demonstrated initiative, intelligence, and persistence. They are far smarter than the “reformers” who run them and their generation down.

In Kansas, student journalists checked out the credentials of their newly hired principal. The “university” that she cited as the source of her MA and doctorate didn’t exist. They investigated further and broke the story. The new principal resigned without ever taking office.

Connor Balthazor, 17, was in the middle of study hall when he…

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NEWS: Working Families Party Sweeps Milwaukee School Board Elections!

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This is the most heartening news I’ve read in the past six years that I have been writing this blog. MAYBE a third party CAN win the hearts and minds of the electorate!

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This is one of the very first reactions to the Trump-DeVos (and Scott Walker) agenda to destroy public education.

RESISTANCE! It works, especially at the ballot box.

CONTACT: Marina Dimitrijevic


Milwaukee board tilts to public education majority opposing corporate operators; profiteering

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Board of School Directors now has a pro-public education majority with tonight’s election of all Wisconsin Working Families Party-endorsed candidates. Tony Baez, who is the new District Six representative on the board, along with incumbents Larry Miller and Annie Woodward, can now begin to eradicate the corporate profiteering that is draining resources from our schools while failing to deliver quality education for our children. Together with other advocates on the board, they have the ability to transform how education is delivered in Milwaukee. Working Families Party also supported…

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Research Report: New Orleans Schools Remain as Segregated as Before Hurricane Katrina

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This study underscores the persistence of segregation of all forms. I believe it can only be addressed by appealing to our higher angels

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The Education Research Alliance for New Orleans issued a report today:

Study: New Orleans schools remain as segregated as before Katrina

New Orleans – A new study from the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans at Tulane University examines how the post-Katrina school reforms affected segregation in New Orleans publicly funded schools. Researchers analyzed changes in segregation across a number of student demographics, including race, income, special education participation, English Language Learner status, and achievement.

New Orleans schools were highly segregated prior to the reforms, especially in terms of race and income, and the study finds that segregation levels remain high post-Katrina. The authors find little evidence that the reforms affected segregation for elementary school students, but most groups of high school students they examined were affected.

The authors, Lindsay Bell Weixler, Nathan Barrett, Douglas Harris, and Jennifer Jennings, also find no consistent trends in racial segregation, as some student…

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