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Hawken School’s Mastery Learning Model Shows How Post-COVID Schools Could Be Transformative

July 20, 2021 Comments off

The article below describes one of the most exciting and far-reaching changes anyone has put forth in response to the disastrous impact of COVID on public schools. Instead of going back to the “normal” model for schooling, Hawken Academy’s Head recommends a mastery model… and it is well conceived and fully elaborated on in the article. Here’s a synopsis of the approach:

Looney, one of the strongest backers of the approach nationally, said the upheaval of the pandemic calls out for schools to use mastery, instead of what he calls the industrialized approach of expecting students to all learn on a fixed and standardized timetable.

“The pandemic didn’t do anything but expose… the flaws of teaching the same kids the same thing at the same time with the same deadlines,” Looney said. “It’s not a good idea to begin with, but during a pandemic when some kids are home in Zoom and some kids aren’t, and some teachers are teaching with kids, it really got exposed for what it is, which is a machine.”

Teachers at the Mastery School of Hawken say the approach, which expects students to be at many different stages of learning any given skill, is perfect for a post-COVID world where students have missed varying amounts of classes and learning,

I will definitely be following this and will keep you posted as this unrolls. It fulfills the vision of replacing the outmoded factory schools with highly personalized schools that are rooted in the community.