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US News and World Ratings Rightfully Called Out for Commodification of College Education.

August 8, 2021 Comments off

Although the term “commodification” never appears in this Washington Post article decrying the US News and World Report rating “system”, the article describes how Ronald Reagan and his neoliberal enablers in the Democratic Party turned college attendance into a game based on free spending on wasteful frills. The essay concludes with this question:

The result has been ever-increasing tuition, piles of student debt and colleges and universities without massive endowments — or that try to tread a different path — struggling to survive. It has also left academia with an open question: Has all the spending increased educational quality, or simply created a more expensive, one-size-fits-all college experience, one that perverts what academia ought to be?

Readers of this blog know my answer.

Roots of DeSantis’ Anti-Masking Mandate Showing: Privatization Agenda Benefits When Parents are Divided

August 8, 2021 Comments off

FL Governor Ron DeSantis, a 2024 Presidential hopeful, is defiantly supporting, promoting, and enforcing anti-masking legislation in the face of the highest incidence of Covid cases in the country. As a result of his insistence that schools NOT mandate masks, four county districts in the State are defiantly pushing back. The result of the pushback is a win-win for the Governor: his “tough stance” makes him a hero to the pro-Trump libertarians and the continuing conflict between him and the “education establishment” guarantees lots of national coverage which will only increase his name recognition on the national stage. It also has another happy by-product for him and those in the GOP who want nothing more than the demise of “government schools”: 

Amid the news that school districts are flouting DeSantis’s order, state education officials are planning to meet on Friday to discuss a proposal that would allow families to use private school vouchers to transfer their children out of schools that mandate mask-wearing. 
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) accused the governor of using the pandemic to further his “relentless efforts to privatize education and destroy public schools,” while endangering the lives of children and teachers.
“Now that students are required to return to school in person, prohibiting mask mandates is an action of the state that affirmatively puts them in danger and shows deliberate indifference to the excessive risks to their health and safety,” said Bacardi Jackson, managing attorney of the SPLC’s children’s rights practice.
“It is another example of DeSantis’ dictatorial propensities that ignore the requirements of the Constitution and usurp the authority of local elected officials and policymakers to do what is in the best interests of their constituents,” Jackson added.
It’s also an example of the lengths that profiteers are willing to go to privatize a government service. Keeping schools governed by elected officials is literally a do-or-die proposition.  

You Can’t Make This Up News Flash: Florida Using “Hope Scholarships” to Allow “Covid Harassed Parents” to Escape Mask Mandates

August 7, 2021 Comments off

I noted earlier in this blog that the FL legislature was seeking a way to use mask mandates to expand their voucher program… and Axios Reporter Shawna Chen describes the creative solution in her recent article, “Florida will offer school vouchers in cases of “COVID-19 harassment“. It seems that in its relentless push to privatize public education  over the years, at one time FL created “Hope scholarships” to provide a way for the parents of students who were bullied and harassed to get vouchers to attend private schools. The law has now been expanded to cover PARENTS who experience “Covid harassment” which is defined as 

“any threatening, discriminatory, insulting, or dehumanizing verbal, written or physical conduct an individual student suffers in relation to, or as a result of, school districts protocols for COVID-19, including masking requirement, the separation or isolation of students, or COVID-19 testing requirements.”

In his effort to dispel any fear that their children will be exposed to the Covid given Florida’s status as the most infected state, Governor DeSantis blamed the surge on a “seasonal pattern” and “media hysteria.”

Feel free to insert your own tag line here about the “Hope scholarship” moniker… and hope that not too many children suffer because of the harassment their parents suffer,. 

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